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Here we hope to give you lots of information relating to health and safety in the workplace, with a particular emphasis on e learning and how it can benefit your health and safety training practises.

Health and safety courses are widely available, but many companies make the mistake of opting for an in house person to person scheme, which uses unnecessary resources and is inefficient and costly. Using e learning to train your employees on health and safety is a much more cost effective and efficient form of training that is becoming progressively popular with all sectors of the workplace.

Here is a brief description of just some of the courses available online:

Online fire safety course

Fire safety is incredibly important when it comes to protecting your staff and your business. Fire damage can be devastating and the process of eliminating the risks is much easier than dealing with the consequences of a lax fire safety regime. By using an online fire safety course you can ensure all members of staff are fully up to date with their training, giving you the ability to track progress and monitor who has received training with little effort at all.

Manual handling e-learning

A lack of manual handling training can be extremely costly to any business. There are many common injuries associated with lifting heavy items incorrectly, and your business could potentially not only suffer from poor staff sickness levels, but expensive and time consuming compensation claims as well. Ensuring all staff have received practical manual handling training can be extremely time consuming and it isn't necessary in a lot of cases that those members of staff receive practical training at all. E learning provides all the relevant information to enable your employees to lift safely, and the innovative selection of videos, diagrams and assessments used within these courses ensure they are in receipt of high quality, fully inclusive manual handling training.

Health and safety induction

In the majority of companies, when a new employee starts work they receive a basic health and safety induction. Using a health and safety induction e learning course means you do not have to allocate any members of staff to train your new employees so you won't lose any resources or time.

For more information on fire risk assessments, please visit the following link; www.gov.uk/workplace-fire-safety-your-responsibilities/fire-risk-assessments

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